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eReading Pro

A system for teaching reading to individuals of all ages who are visual learners.
eReadingPro is the only whole-word approach reading program that takes your child from reading single words, to couplets, to phrases, to sentences, all in a systematic approach to reading. When we teach your child a word, that same word returns in the schedule paired with another word in a word couplet. Later, we bring that same word back connected to two other learned words together to form three word phrases. By the time your child is ready to see that same word in a sentence, s/he has seen that word over one hundred times. The result of recognising that same word in a sentence, along with other words that have gone through the same process, makes words very simple for your child to remember and READ! We have had incredible success with this process and have incorporated it into every eReadingPro program.

NB: The library resources are available for ADSA library members to borrow. Unfortunately we do not sell direct to the general public.

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