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Auckland Down Syndrome Association Inc ('ADSA') is a family support organisation that provides information and support for people with Down syndrome and their families.
ADSA was established by parents in 1981 and is run by parents, grandparents and siblings through a management committee elected on an annual basis. ADSA employs a Community Liaison Officer, a Librarian and an office assistant who are there to help members.
Membership to ADSA is free. Read more about joining ADSA here.
ADSA believes all people  - including your new baby - are valued and contributing members of the community. ADSA works to inform and empower its members so that people with Down syndrome are able to reach their full potential.
Receiving a diagnosis
Receiving a confirmed diagnosis can be overwhelming and frightening, and parents often experience different stages of grief while adjusting to the diagnosis. During this time you could learn more about Down syndrome by exploring our website. For emotional support we can put you in contact with other parents who've experienced the same pre-natal diagnosis.

If you would like to discuss your concerns, please contact us on 527 0060 or email Christel. We are here for you.
You have had a new baby - How ADSA can support your family
When there is a pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome or a new baby with Down syndrome is born, parents need to know:

1. acccurate and current information about Down syndrome; and

2. that they are not alone

In recognition of these two key support areas ADSA will (if you want it):
  • Provide you with a New Parent Pack prepared by the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association ('NZDSA') and outlining basic information about your baby, services available and what you can expect as a new parent of a baby with Down syndrome.
  • Organise a visit (either at the hospital or at home) from our Community Liaison Officer. You do not need to take up this offer but as parents we understand that sometimes the listening ear of another parent may help.
  • Connect you with a coffee group in your area.
  • Provide phone support through the regional parent contacts. Regional parent contacts are parents of people with Down syndrome.
  • Provide the services of a Community Liaison Officer who is there to provide you with help and assistance.
  • Provide you with access to a library of books, videos and journals with the latest information on Down syndrome.
  • Provide you with regular communication via our quarterly newsletter “Outlook” and our website.
  • Provide a central information system about the services available in Auckland to families, for example early intervention, education options, respite care, government services and other activities as well as up to date and relevant links to information sites around the world.
  • Provide you with information you will need when your child starts school.
If your child has been diagnosed with a heart condition, you may want to contact the Downs Heart Group, a UK charity, who have been working in this field since 1988. As their name suggests, they deal specifically with the heart issues often associated with Down syndrome. They are happy to share their information with a wider global audience. Their website is  and they have an open page on Facebook: as well as a closed group

Or you may want to contact Heart Kids New Zealand. If you need more information or just someone to talk to, please call us on free phone 0800 543 943.

For information on any of the above call (09) 527 0060 or visit ADSA at:

Level 3, 45 Mount Wellington Highway
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1061

Office hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm


For information about joining ADSA, view our membership page.

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09 527 0060
Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 2.30pm
Level 3, 45 Mt Wellington Highway
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