Able Pet Care
People with intellectual disabilities are able and willing to take on valued roles in our communities. Able Pet Care is an organisation that makes this happen. We are currently looking for people with intellectual disabilities who are interested in being available for potential pet feeding and dog walking jobs in the Auckland region. Able Pet Care is already operating successfully in Wellington, Rotorua, and Blenheim.
How does it work? When a customer needs pet care services, Able Pet Care finds an individual with an intellectual disability in their neighbourhood who can help. The result is a job well done and a person participating in their community. Support workers usually work with the person who has a disability to make sure all goes to plan, so all people – even those who experience the most profound difficulties – can be encouraged to carry out this work and be paid for their efforts. Employees get paid $10 per pet feed or $20/$10 per hour/half hour for dog-walking (before tax).
Please take a look at our website  and reply to this email if you would like more information. We will send a form for individuals to fill out that will provide us with relevant details, such as type of work they can do and areas they can cover. ALL interested persons will be added to our database, and being contacted will depend on whether jobs come up in their area. There will also be the opportunity to post flyers in neighbourhood letterboxes to advertise their services.
Opt In - Trialling a new way to support people to find work
Every year a number of young people with health conditions or disabilities start to receive a Supported Living Payment and may remain on a benefit for the rest of their lives. We know some, however, would like the opportunity to work. Work and Income’s Opt In is a voluntary programme offering extra help to people who get the Supported Living Payment and want to get a job, do some training, or study. It is aimed at people aged from 16 to 29 years and is being trialled in 16 centres around New Zealand. This trial is one of the outcomes of the health and disability long term work programme which was developed with input from the health and disability sector. It’s also part of Work and Income’s Investment Approach, focusing resources on clients who without extra support are likely to remain on a benefit.

What’s involved?
People choosing to take part will work closely with a Work and Income case manager who has experience in working with disabled people and people with health conditions looking for work. People may already have a clear idea of what they want to do and how to get there, or the case manager can assist with ideas on training, study or finding a job that will suit. This could include looking at whether any special arrangements or equipment are needed. We’re taking a client directed approach to this programme. The person will be asked what other people or agencies they’re already working with and/or want to involve. The aim is to work alongside these other agencies and avoid duplicating services. Joining Opt In is voluntary and people can stop at any time. Their Supported Living Payment is not affected by joining (or leaving) Opt In. If people find work their case manager will talk about how this income may affect their benefit. There is still no requirement for people getting Supported Living Payment to look for work.

How do people get involved?
There is a list of centres below. Young people on Supported Living Payment in those areas can contact Work and Income if they’re interested in joining this trial. Work and Income will also be contacting some people to ask if they’re interested. Opt In is being trialled in 16 Work and Income service centres and Community Links.

Auckland region:

Other help to find work
Opt In is a small scale trial, and there will be people on Supported Living Payment interested in working who can’t join it. All Work and Income service centres are able to provide help to people on Supported Living Payment who would like to work. People can also contact their local specialist employment support services who assist many disabled people and people with health conditions to find suitable work.
If you have any questions regarding this trial, please email or contact your local Work and Income regional health and disability team.
The Creative Spirit
The power to redefine normal and change our workplaces rests with you. Creative Spirit aims to increase the number of New Zealand businesses employing people with disabilities, ultimately changing the conversation around diversity in employment in New Zealand and helping redefine what 'normal' means.

Join a growing number of New Zealand businesses and employ someone with a disability via Creative Spirit.

Creative Spirit was born from a desire to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the creative sector. Created by advertising agency Droga5 in Sydney, Fairfax Media New Zealand partnered with Droga5 to bring the programme to New Zealand, hiring two staff in its Auckland head office.

Since its launch in NZ, a number of business's have joined are us in our aim. Join us here.
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